When you take to the road as a driver, how you drive

and what you drive can make a difference.


Collectively, America's 230 million drivers have a great impact on themselves and on our nation: How much CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere that impacts our climate. How much fossil fuel energy is consumed. The air quality and health impact. The amount of money spent in fuel use and maintenance. And how safe we are as drivers.


Green Driving America is committed to helping drivers make transportation choices that will benefit the planet and themselves. Embracing both green driving practices and the driving of cleaner vehicles begins by exploring our TIPS and this website.


Green Driving America is excited to be focused on the school community for the 2021-22 school year to make a difference with two funded projects:

Green Driving from the Start works with high school educators in the

classroom to show student drivers and new drivers the compelling

benefits of green driving practices!

Schools Are Not Drive-Thrus! engages middle school and elementary

school level students and staff in idle-free schools campaigns to

reduce vehicle idling on school grounds!

Photograph: Tim Gouw

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