When you take to the road as a driver, how you drive

and what you drive can make a difference.


Collectively, America's 230 million drivers have a great impact on themselves and on our nation: How much money we spend in fuel use and maintenance. The amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere that impacts our climate. How much fossil fuel energy is consumed. The air quality and health impact. And how safe we are as drivers.


Drivers want to save money and want to be more environmentally and sustainably savvy when it comes to driving; they just need to be shown how. We show drivers of all ages the significant benefits in both green driving practices and what cleaner vehicles offer by exploring our TIPS and this website.


And Green Driving America specializes in reaching out to the school community in a number of states:

to drivers-to-be and new drivers through America's driver educators and environmental educators

in a number of states with a funded green driving supplement

to their classroom curricula/instruction.

Photograph: Tim Gouw

GREEN DRIVING TIPS - roll over each to LEARN MORE!


The following free apps can help improve driving behavior to be efficient and safer drivers. The apps listed below have positive and some negative feedback, so use with discretion. AVOID DISTRACTED DRIVING!


EcoDrive Speedometer is a unique GPS speedometer allowing you to save fuel, time and enhance safety.


DriveSmart helps you improve your daily life as a driver. Record all trips to analyze yourself: how you brake, accelerate, turn, react to signals, driving at the right speed, etc.


MyGreenCar detects when you’re driving and records your trips. It then automatically calculates how different cars stack up for you. MyGreenCar compares your fuel costs in any car, or for EVs predicts your range viability and charging needs. Compare any car for your unique driving. MyGreenCar accounts for how far you’re driving, what hills you go up and down, what traffic you get stuck in, whether you’re a lead-foot or ecodriver, and more.

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