Green Driving America is making a difference in how people drive and what they drive. The organization is focused on the school community with two funded educational projects for the 2021-22 school year in a number of states, where both students and their parents will learn the compelling benefits of green driving.


Both of these projects combined will yield the following benefits:

• reducing CO2 emitted into the atmosphere that impacts our climate

• reducing fossil fuel energy consumption

• improving air quality and health

• saving money in fuel and maintenance costs

• reducing vehicle idling on school grounds with idle-free campaigns

• how driving a low- to zero-emission vehicle will extend these benefits

• how being a green driver equates to being a safer driver



Green Driving America's Green Driving from the Start© funded project will be implemented in the upcoming 2021-22 school year!


The project will operate mainly in the New England and Pacific Coast states, though exceptions can be made for other states. Through the school year, up to 100 to 120 presentations will be given in driver education classes and in environmental education classes. They will show up to 2,000 student drivers and new drivers the benefits in how they drive (green driving practices) and what they drive (promotion of low- to zero-emission vehicles), plus touching on alternatives to driving.


These presentations will be given at no cost to schools or educators. They will be conducted exclusively via video conferencing (such as with Zoom) by trained college level interns. Presentations will be approximately 45 minutes in length. They will include a shared screen PowerPoint and videos. Q & A can fill any remaining time.


Visit the Green Driving from the Start project page for full details!



Green Driving America's School Are Not Drive-Thrus!© funded project will be implemented in the upcoming 2021-22 school year!


This project is being offered to 15 schools in California's Bay Area counties and Sacramento and San Joaquin counties. They will participate in campaigns that address the typical issue of prolonged idling by passenger vehicles on school grounds while waiting during the dismissal period. These campaigns will be student-led on the middle school level and staff-led on the elementary level. They are intended to make drivers aware of the compelling benefits in avoiding this harmful, wasteful and mostly unnecessary practice.


These campaigns will be virtually no cost to schools or educators. Participating schools will have the choice of implementing two levels of idle-free schools campaigns: five-step, long-term measured and educational campaigns over a four to five month period or three-step, short-term educational campaigns over a six to eight week period.


*Elementary school grade 5; other grades can be discussed


Visit the Schools Are Not Drive-Thrus! project page for full details!