Typical driving scenarios played out millions of times:

• continuing to accelerate after a traffic light ahead turns red, ending in a hard stop, hoping to be the first in line, only to have a car the next lane over gently coasting to a stop but not stopping because the light has turned green

• sitting in a mall parking lot, idling continuously with the engine on, browsing on a smartphone

• speeding, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic

• driving a gas guzzling, polluting vehicle


The impact of these scenarios in how we drive and what we drive is huge! Green Driving America's mission is to make all drivers aware of transportation behaviors and choices in their lives that will benefit the planet and themselves. The organization's current educational focus is in the school community: to show student drivers and new drivers the benefits of being green drivers.


With Green Driving America's educational focus on students, the organization is now becoming established in a number of states to work with driver educators and high school science, mathematics and technology teachers that integrate environmental education in their curricula. We will work with these educators to give guest-lecturing presentations to students to show them the benefits of how they drive (green driving practices) and what they drive (the path to low- to zero-emission vehicles), plus touching on alternatives to driving.


This is a funded project; presentations are at no cost to participating schools/educators.


The benefits:

• saving money in fuel and maintenance costs

• reducing CO2 emitted into the atmosphere that impacts our climate

• reducing fossil fuel energy consumption

• improving air quality and health

• how driving a low- to zero-emission vehicle will extend these benefits

• how being a green driver equates to being a safer driver

Green Driving America's Green Driving from the Start© funded project will be implemented in the upcoming 2021-22 school year! Presentations are conducted exclusively via video conferencing (such as with Zoom) regardless of whether schools are open for in-person classroom instruction or distance/remote/virtual learning (due to Covid-19 or other limitations).


Presentations can be as little as 45 minutes in length. They will include a shared screen PowerPoint and videos. Q & A can fill any remaining time. A pdf handout is included. Optionally, if five to ten minutes additional time is available, a "quick quiz" covering presentation details can be given.


Visit the Green Driving from the Start project page for full details!