Schools Are Not Drive-Thrus idle-free school campaign, fall 2023


Mountain Views Supervisory Union

Earth Beat club - Advisor: Kat Robbins, place-based education coordinator


This campaign was made possible thanks to funding by an anonymous Upper Valley foundation.

Step 1: introductory session conducted 10/12/23


Step 2: Data collection conducted for three days at school afternoon dismissal on 10/17, 10/18, 10/19

Average temperature: 57 degrees

Total vehicles observed: 86; total vehicles idling: 41 (47%); total minutes/hours of idling: 282/4.7

Amount of fuel consumed*: 2.021 gal/three days / 0.67 gal/per day average

Amount of fuel consumed annually (est.) - based on 175 day school year: 117 gal

Amount of CO2 emissions annually (est.) - based on 175 day school year: 2,345 lbs**


Step 3: school supports idle-free campaign: Principal's Corner Newsletter - 11/5


Step 4: driver contact event: 12/4


COMMENTS: Kat Robbins on the driver contact event: "We talked to 22 drivers and all were receptive to our messaging. Students reported that it wasn't that hard once they practiced a little and that they actually enjoyed it!"

As of 12/7, the school had not installed the provided idle-free zone signs, though the school's buildings and grounds dept. plans to do so soon.

12/8: School provided information on how to sustain the idle-free effort in future years and the option of adopting a school idle reduction policy/practice/measure.


*Amount of fuel consumed based on passenger vehicle — car/SUV/pickup truck — idling consumption of 0.43 gal/hr.

**Amount of CO2 emitted based on one gallon of fuel consumed equaling 20 pounds of CO2 emitted (gasoline - 19.64 pounds; diesel - 22.38 pounds)


The Vermont Standard article in January 18, 2024 issue: WUHS/MS conducts an idle-free school campaign


STEP 2: Data collection, 10/17 to 10/19, and planned Idle Free Zone signs installation:

STEP 3: Principal's Corner Newsletter, 11/5:

STEP 4: Driver Contact Event, 12/4