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Green Driving America Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization1,2 based in Sacramento County, California, with a branch location in Lamoille County, Vermont. Wayne Michaud is the founder and Executive Director of the organization. Green Driving America is served by six Board of Directors members (listed below).


1IRS determination letter

2California Secretary of State certificate of amendment to articles of incorporation: name change to Green Driving America




Green Driving America Inc.

Wayne Michaud, Executive Director

Main location: California

6900 Navarro Ct., Citrus Heights, CA 95621  •  916-209-0224

Branch location: Vermont

125 Main St., Hyde Park, VT 05655  •  802-267-4442





Green Driving America is committed to helping drivers make transportation choices in their lives that will benefit themselves and the planet. To achieve this goal:

1. Our primary emphasis is advocating for and educating on clean transportation in the school community and in the adult community: classroom presentations on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all-electric vehicles (EVs).

2. We encourage the behavioral aspects of green driving in the school community: classroom presentations on smart driving practices in gas-powered vehicles. And, in both presentations, to consider alternatives to driving.

3. Our behavioral green driving education in the school community also includes idle-free schools campaigns with the goal of reducing prolonged idling (largely unnecessary) that often occurs during the school dismissal period.


The resulting benefits will be:

• reductions in CO2 emitted into the atmosphere that impacts our climate

• reductions in fossil fuel energy consumption

• improvements in air quality and health

• reductions in money spent for fuel and maintenance

• to become safer drivers




While Green Driving America strives to make all drivers aware of these significant benefits, it is currently focused on and seeks funding for projects in the school community.


The organization specializes in two areas of clean and efficient transportation education:

The Clean Transportation Path project: working with driver educators and high school environmental science, science, math, and STEM educators to offer a funded1 supplement to their classroom instruction/curriculum showing student drivers and new drivers the benefits in what we drive (promotion of low- to zero-emission vehicles) and, optionally, how we drive (smart driving practices), as well as alternatives to driving


Schools Are Not Drive-Thrus! project: engaging middle, and high school staff and students to reduce vehicle idling on school grounds with the implementation of funded2 idle-free schools campaigns for Northern California and the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire


• Green Driving America is also gearing up in the latter part of 2023 and into 2024 to spread its advocacy and education on clean transportation to the adult community by working with town environmental and energy committees to show townsfolk the many benefits of switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles


1 Vermont Council on Rural Development's Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund, and an anonymous Upper Valley (VT & NH) foundation

2 Northern California: Individual donations

Upper Valley: anonymous Upper Valley (VT & NH) foundation




Green Driving America Inc. was previously known as Idle-Free California Inc., a 501c3 non-profit which focused specifically on the issue of unnecessary vehicle idling in California. Executive Director Wayne Michaud had relocated from the State of Vermont in 2016 when the organization had been known as Idle-Free VT Inc., founded in 2006. Wayne had significant success with achieving idle reduction in Vermont. He partnered with others in the legislative enactment of a Vermont school bus idling rule and then an all motor vehicle idling restriction law. Wayne coordinated American Lung Association in Vermont programs that educated about fleet idling before business and municipal fleet managers and drivers. Idle-Free VT was awarded grants to implement idle-free and green driving educational projects for Vermont businesses, municipalities, and schools. In the school community, he built relationships with science, math, STEM, environmental educators to implement these projects. And, working with Vermont driver educators, he gave more than 120 green driving guest-lecturing presentations from 2013-16.


Along the way, Wayne was presented with the ALA's Air Quality Champion award, was one of five Sustainable America "Anti-Idling Heroes", and received an accolade from the Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation*.


While Wayne was recognized with the prestigious East Bay Clean Cities Clean Air Champion award in 2019, Idle-Free California did not achieve the level of success that Idle-Free VT did. Overall, California health and environmental organizations, regional and state agencies and the state legislature took little interest in unnecessary idling despite the low-hanging fruit opportunity to reduce its impact in the state: 300 million gallons of fuel consumed resulting in three million tons of CO2 emitted annually by vehicles idling just when parked. California was and is focused exclusively on the imperative of zero-emissions transportation.


Wayne therefore decided to broaden the transportation efficiency advocacy of his organization in 2020. Following a legal change of name and purpose with the California Secretary of State and the IRS, Green Driving America Inc. was born.


Today, Green Driving America is implementing two projects as describe above: The Clean Transportation Path and Schools Are Not Drive-Thrus!


*2016: "In all my years at DEC, I'm hard-pressed to think of any Vermont citizen who has done more to help address an important environmental and public health issue like this one. Unnecessary vehicle idling is one of those problems that simply cannot be solved by Government alone. Citizen action and involvement are absolutely critical, and no one provides a better example of that than you."

Tom Moye, (ret.) Mobile Sources Section Chief

Air Quality and Climate Division, Vermont DEC



Green Driving America Inc. does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, the appointment of and dismissal of its Board of Directors, hiring and dismissing of staff, and selection of volunteers.


Green Driving America is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate in employment, recruitment, Board membership, notices seeking employment, dismissals, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the basis set forth in the first paragraph, or for any other discriminatory reason.


Wayne Michaud, Executive Director/President/Treasurer, Green Driving America Inc.

Wayne is founder of Idle-Free VT in 2006 which became Idle-Free California in 2017 and then Green Driving America in 2020. Wayne is also a contributing writer for the Green Energy Times with articles on Transportation Solutions, ranging from vehicle idling to electrification.



David Polow, Director/Vice President

David is an attorney at Polow Polow, PLLC with nearly four decades in personal injury law and handling auto accident claims. The firm represents clients who are injured in car, motorcycle, truck, bike, and pedestrian accidents. He is a long-time transportation efficiency advocate, not only for green driving, but alternatives to driving, period. David resides in Hyde Park, VT.


Ellen Michaud, Director/Secretary

Ellen is an award-winning author and editor who creates original content for magazines, books, and digital media. She is a former editor-at-large for Prevention magazine and Live Happy magazine. As Wayne's wife, she has been a long-time supporter of idle reduction and green driving advocacy and loves driving the family Chevy Bolt EV.



Richard Battersby, Director

Richard is an Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of Oakland, California and has been the Executive Director of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition since 2003. He has over 25 years in the fleet industry implementing sustainable fleet practices while managing private sector, federal, state, county, and city fleets. Most recently Richard has been inducted into the Department of Energy Clean Cities and Government Fleet Manager Halls of Fame and has been designated as a World Class Technician while holding over 40 ASE certifications. Richard has a BS degree from the California State University, Sacramento, currently sits on the Boards of the NAFA Fleet Management Association, Transportation Energy Partners, the Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council, and Green Driving America. He is the chairman of NAFA’s California Air Resources Board Advisory Council and makes his home in Fairfield, CA.


Susan Schneider, Director

Susan holds degrees in environmental and mechanical engineering, and a PhD in psychology. She co-founded the San Joaquin County Climate Action Coalition and helped bring the Idle-Free California program to Venture Academy in Stockton. While working for Root Solutions, a sustainability nonprofit, she coauthored two chapters in its new book, Making Shift Happen: Designing for Successful Environmental Behavior Change. She also has other publications on climate change, and has given numerous climate change talks and workshops. Author of the award-winning book, The Science of Consequences, Susan now lives in Michigan and is affiliated with Western Michigan University.


Richard Kearney, Director

Rich is the owner of Upper Valley Driving Academy, teaching driver education to Vermont and New Hampshire students. He is a past president of the VDTSEA (Vermont Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association), which represents approximately one hundred driver educators. Rich is an ADTSEA (American Driver Training Safety Education Assoc.) / NRSF (National Road Safety Foundation) Teacher of Excellence. He is an ADTSEA member and a frequent presenter at driver education conferences. He is environmentally-minded, instructing his students on the benefits of practicing efficient transportation measures. Rich resides in Newbury, VT.

Jerusalem Trail above Starksboro, VT   Photography: Wayne Michaud


Wayne lives with his wife in the Sacramento County city of Citrus Heights, CA. Wayne is an environmental educator and fine artist.  RESUME   LINKEDIN PROFILE




A big reason why I chose to be an environmental advocate is, I care about our Earth and human health. Now, as a young man in Pennsylvania, this caring was not yet on my mind. In fact, I was a muscle car aficionado. So I get why some motorists today like speed and aggressiveness. But the world is a much different place now. In the 1970s I began taking an interest in recycling and litter pick-ups. And following the oil crises of that decade, I would also turn off and restart the car engine in drive-thrus.


Not too long after our family moved to Vermont in 1998, climate change became a mainstream issue. I would repeatedly observe parked vehicles idling - a mostly unnecessary practice. So I chose anti-idling as an emissions reduction advocacy. I take pride that leading this effort made a difference in the State of Vermont. But after a decade, it was time to hand our work over to others, and to tackle a much bigger anti-idling challenge in the Golden State (along with the desire to be nearer to our son, who was already in California).


I now feel a broader clean transportation effort is what's needed, in California, Oregon, Vermont, the rest of New England, New York, and beyond. Until clean and autonomous vehicle technologies in America take hold in the middle of this century, it is imperative that we get the message to drivers about the technological solutions of low- to zero-emission vehicles and behavioral solutions of smart driving practices. Green Driving America is driven (no pun intended!) to reach these drivers—especially young drivers who are the future motorists of our nation—to make a difference!!